Looking for Lovely: Collecting the Moments that Matter by Annie Downs

In this book the author is real and transparent sharing intimate details of her life, her struggles, her desire to get whole and her faith.  Written in an easily readable conversational format, the author draws you into her story.  Some of her chapters are about deep subjects, like the chapter entitled "Tragedy" while others are lighter, like the one entitled "Sushi".  Her writing is sometimes a bit rambling and occasionally gets mired in details of her life that are not relevant to the point she is making.  Having ministered with young adults, her writing style seems to be geared to that age population although there are truths to be gleaned by any age.  I think that the most powerful message of the book is to get help; it's ok to admit that you are broken but don't stay that way.  God has given professional counselors the gifts and talents to help others and has provided them to help when you are broken, hurting, wounded or just stuck.