People are longing to hear the voice of God but cannot break through the noise of the world


Why Spiritual Direction?

Today there is a deep longing to be truly connected to what matters spiritually. A spiritual companion is someone who can listen to the stories of your life and help you discern the presence and work of God.

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How To Get Started With Spiritual Direction

  • A one hour introductory meeting focusing on: what Spiritual Direction is, how it can meet your needs, and the relationship between you and your director.
  • Setting up a once a month meeting time for you to receive Spiritual Direction in a place that is convenient for both you and your director.
  • The once a month meeting allows you to share your journey with your director in a confidential space which allows both you and your director to listen and be attentive to God’s voice.
  • You leave this meeting with a sense of connecting with God in a deeper manner and you are more aware of God’s voice in your life.