Who am I?

I would describe myself as a passionate person, a person whose heart is full of love and one who desires to be in relationship.  My tendency is to go for it!  But sometimes, I get a bit caught up with “doing it right” as I am a recovering perfectionist.   As I have travelled my life journey, I have learned to slow down, to really listen to myself and others and to understand that we all have “stuff” we are dealing with, dreams we want to see fulfilled and questions as to what life holds and where we are going next.  I am a licensed bi-vocational pastor who met Jesus personally in college and for a number of years served Him wearing many hats in youth ministry, retreat ministry, youth conferences, church planting and crisis pregnancy ministry.  As you can tell, I spent a lot of time “doing ministry” but eventually discovered that I was worn out and dry and thirsty and needing to reconnect with the God who I had loved and served.  I needed to learn how to stop doing and learn how to be in God’s presence, hear His voice and to meet Him intimately once again.  I found Spiritual Direction to be the gift that restored my soul, and it became the lifeline that sustained me through some turbulent life changes in the last few years.  Desiring to share this gift with others, I stepped out with a bit of trepidation and returned to college as a fifty year old and completed a two and a half year graduate level certification program in Spiritual Direction at the C. John Weborg Center for Spiritual Direction at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago.  Now as a trained Spiritual Director, I meet with individuals for one-on-one direction and lead Spiritual Direction Groups.  I am passionate about introducing people to the ancient practice of Spiritual Direction so that they may shift from "doing ministry" as their God connection to "being" with their Creator and truly hearing His voice.